💵 Target Realtors w/ FB Ads 💵 How to Target Realtors & Real Estate Professionals with Facebook Ads

Realtors are great clients for digital marketing agency business models. Lots of people say that Realtors are not the ideal client for social media marketing and I absolutely agree. Most Realtors or Real Estate professionals do not have consistent income to sustain paying a monthly retainer to a digital marketing agency !

In this training video , I’m going to give you the exact strategy that I use to market to Real Estate Professionals and Realtors to sell them digital marketing services for my agency .

First , you can easily target a Realtor or Real Estate professional by using Facebook Ads to run a campaign to get on their phone. The first indicator I look for is their income, I only want to show my ads to six figure business people who are very likely to invest in themselves.

After I get the 6 figure income earners targeted, I then narrow down my search to find people who identify themselves as Realtors or Real Estate Professionals or work with brokers like Keller Williams, REMAX , RE/MAX , Century 21 , etc

I then narrow down further to those who are likely to invest in themselves. I did simple market research on my Facebook Audience by going to google and typing in “Real Estate Coach ” and I used that information to narrow down further.

If you’re still with me on this Facebook Ads campaign , we are targetting Realtors or Real Estate Professionals who earn six figures who “like” the pages of Real Estate Coaches . Would you pay Facebook to offer your digital marketing services to those caliber of clients ?

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