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Facebook Ads are the best thing to happen to Restaurant Marketing . Are you putting your business on the most engaged and targeted platform ever ?

My Social Media Marketing Agency serves man Restaurants and their marketing needs . In this video, I share a case study with Josh from Sydney Australia and his Restaurant Marketing Strategy for a pizza restaurant utilizing Facebook Ads to market their Restaurant.

If you are a Restaurant Business owner or you are running a social media marketing agency catering the restaurant niche and serving their marketing needs, you are going to pick up a bunch os Social Media Marketing tips specifically in Facebook Marketing, how to drive app downloads using Facebook Ads .

The key to making facebook marketing work for Restaurants is to make sure that the targeting on social media’s biggest star ( Facebook ) is absolutely dead on.

In this video we also cover a bunch of Emoji Marketing !

Share and comment if you found value in this, if you are looking to learn social media marketing for your agency or for your restaurant marketing needs, check these Restaurant Marketing videos out πŸ™‚

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🍽 Restaurant Marketing 🍽 Facebook Ads for Restaurants 🍽 Social Media Marketing Agency

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